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Kathleen's Workshops


Kathleen's Workshops

Workshop Synopsis


The Role of Spirit in Recovery

A sense of inner emptiness, a void, a fear of having lost their soul connection - these are the words spoken when people enter treatment. It is a fact that spirituality is quickly lost through the progressions of addiction.

At Heritage Treatment Foundation - an important part of the journey to healing includes times to discover or perhaps rediscover ones spirituality.

All spiritual practices are based on a non-sectarian viewpoint. These group sessions are a forum for open minded discussions based on how spirituality enhances feelings of physical, emotional and mental well being.

The New Science of Happiness

What makes the human heart sing? Researchers are taking a close look. What they've found may surprise you.
As researchers have gained an understanding of the physical characteristics of a happy brain, they have come to see that those traits have a powerful influence on the rest of the body.

Others have discovered that happiness or related mental states like hopefulness, optimism and contentment can be achieved through conscious choice. This workshop teaches how to obtain this state of well being.

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Breaking Free From Self-Sabotage

This workshop is dedicated to that place inside each of us that tells us to "hang in there" and to "keep going when the going gets tough!!" Self-sabotage behavior is when you try so hard to accomplish something, but somehow it gets messed up or it fails.

Most of us try to motivate ourselves past our self-sabotage behaviors by giving ourselves a mental and emotional beating. If mentally and emotionally beating yourself up were going to motivate you to do the things you really want to do, you would already be doing those things!

Learn to Meditate

With the holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit, Heritage Treatment Foundation offers the opportunity to learn meditation as a natural relaxation technique to induce inner tranquility.

Our cultures and society are very materialistic, and have emphasized and encouraged achieving satisfaction through external recognition, acquiring goods and material pursuits - all of which only bring temporary pleasure but fail to fill an inner void. Addicted people in particular are apt to get fixated on external sources and quick fixes of comfort, excitement and satisfaction.

Meditation works because it teaches people to replace a destructive form of pleasure for another, wholly constructive one. Specifically, becoming mindful is one of the most beneficial benefits of meditation, along with reconnecting with one's inner self, learning to be comfortable in stillness and reclaiming the ability to unwind in a natural way.

Through easy meditative techniques, we teach you to breathe well, to relax and let go of tensions within the body and mind, and with guided meditations, positive affirmations and creative visualizations, to gently restore inner peace.

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Positive Affirmations

The techniques is this workshop are used to help our residents nourish their inner reality with new and reaffirming statements of beliefs which will help overcome the often profound states of shame and guilt they are presently experiencing. Positive affirmations are statements of healing, forgiveness, and therapeutic words to re-establish a healthy sense of self worth.

The Law of Attraction

This workshop is based on the understanding that we create our reality through the thoughts we think, the beliefs we hold and what we have been taught by family, society, school and cultural backgrounds.

Can we truly create the life we dream of?  The latest breakthroughs in the study of human consciousness are proving that we can, and already do so at an unconscious level. Learn to choose - and begin to awaken your "best self."

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Creative Visualization & Treasure Mapping

Is an exciting addition to meditation in which our residents are taught how to use the power of imagination in a constructive manner. Creative visualization allows each person to work with their own mind in a positive manner, e.g., using guided meditations to see themselves as sober, happier, working, and so on. There is no limit to what new pathways of thought can be learned in this manner.

The creation of a personal "Treasure Map" then encourages each person to bring their new desires into the physical world through a visual representation.

Self-Esteem Through Self-Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for change. It can alter how you think and feel at the deepest levels. For years, hypnotherapists have been helping people increase feelings of self acceptance and worth by using the highly suggestible trance state to change past negative programming.

With the learning of some basic meditative skills, you can now learn the simple techniques yourself.

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Dreams – Your Night Life

A workshop designed to decode your dreams - teaching you how to understand the symbolic images that do not seem to make sense. Our dreams can be an important source of information in our journey of self awareness.
You are taught - using a "dream diary" approach that will soon have you eager to listen to your dreams.
We also work with nightmares and night terrors which are so often experienced through the addiction process and help you to re-establish healthy and normal sleeping patterns.

The Illuminated Self

An advanced form of meditation which introduces you to the "chakras" or centers of energy and emotions located throughout our being.

At each chakra we have the opportunity to master another dimension of energy and thereby gain an additional level of awareness, insight and personal power.

All workshops are preceded by short and inter-active lectures in which fascinating new scientific evidence, books, articles and/or DVD's supporting the benefits of spirituality are presented, and, most importantly of all:

You will experience how to enjoy your own inner journey as you transmute old leaden thoughts and ideas into golden treasures of well being, body, mind and spirit.

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