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The Treatment You Need at a Price You Can Afford

Imagine state-of-the-art, residential addiction recovery care for only $333 a day provided in the comfortable healing environment of a well appointed country inn.

We can make it happen in Canada Extraordinary Benefits for our US Clients. How do we do it?

We are located 15 minutes from the U.S. border, only:

  • 53 miles (1hr) from Plattsburgh (NY)
  • 108 miles (2 hrs) from Burlington (VT)
  • 320 miles (5.5 hrs) from Boston (MA)
  • 365 miles (6.5 hrs) from New York (NY)

We will pick you up and take you over the U.S./Canada border!

In your journey toward sobriety, you have a choice

Did you Know?

Upcoming changes in legislation governing U.S. insurance coverage will put the choice of residential rehab facility back in your hands.

Heritage Treatment Foundation Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Welcomes U.S. and International Clients

We are a Canadian residential rehab facility located in the province of Quebec. All of our staff speaks English, with a charming Canadian accent, eh? At Heritage Treatment Foundation, we take pride in making our clients feel at ease and at home in a safe, comfortable, therapeutic setting.

Our staff will pick you up at any of several nearby U.S. airports or train stations and drive you to our facility. Worried about crossing the border? Don’t be. Whatever your situation we will take care of all the paperwork and formalities ahead of time, making border crossing a breeze. Contact us at 1-877-777-4386 so we can help you take care of travel arrangements, including booking airline, train, or bus tickets and purchasing travel insurance. We can also take you step-by-step through the process of obtaining a passport. Please note that if coming by car you only need a valid picture ID plus your birth certificate, or your passport. For air travel a passport is required.

Why Choose Heritage Treatment Foundation for your Rehab Needs?

Located just over the U.S. border near the states of Vermont and New York, Heritage Treatment Foundation provides an ideal setting to find the care you need to get sober and stay sober. We offer world-class residential addiction treatment at a fraction of the cost of most residential rehab facilities located in the U.S.

Whether you are battling addiction to alcohol or other drugs, Heritage Treatment Foundation Rehabilitation Center offers:

  • A holistic approach: We provide clients with an alternative to 12-step programs. Our holistic approach to recovery focuses on the body, mind, and spirit. Sobriety is maintained because Heritage Treatment Foundation not only treats addiction issues but the person as a whole. Heritage provides specialized programs that many other rehabs do not. Methadone treatment, for example is difficult to find and treat, but we have assisted our clients to achieve their reduction goals.
  • A high standard of care: At Heritage Treatment Foundation, you can expect a standard of care that meets or exceeds the care available in the best residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers located in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. As a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), our treatment approach is based on the latest, internationally-recognized, evidence-based therapies. Read more.
  • A flexible approach: We understand that every person is a one-of-a-kind individual whose journey from addiction to sobriety is as unique as a fingerprint. Our wide array of services combined with a small staff-to-client ratio makes it possible for us to tailor care to your individual needs. Read more.
  • Coaching for loved ones: Do you have a loved one who needs help but refuses? Do you want to bring up the topic but are afraid of a confrontation? Give us a call at 1-877-777-4386. We will coach you on how to best handle the situation. If an intervention is necessary, we can recommend interventionists in your area.
  • A proven record of success: Since its inception in 2005, an informal poll has revealed that over 70% of clients have been able to stay clean and sober for at least 28 months with the help of Heritage Treatment Foundation.
    Our medical director Catherine Cosgrove has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and a Graduate Certificate in Addiction Therapy. She has been helping people fight their addictions for more than 16 years. She has been working with her core team of addiction specialists for more than 7 years.
  • Exceptional comfort: We will take care of your physical comfort so that you can focus on your sobriety. Our facilities provide each client with spacious, private room with a private bathroom and wholesome, and most delicious local cuisine.
    Our wide range of amenities includes a gym with trained health and fitness staff and a spa. We also offer a wide range of therapeutic recreations, from sports to visits to nearby Montreal and Quebec City.
  • Idyllic country setting: Heritage Treatment Foundation offers a wholesome country setting where you can enjoy the great outdoors. Why not indulge in a long walk in the wilderness or a kayak ride on the river? We believe that exercise and reconnecting with nature enhances the recovery process.
  • Aftercare program: No matter where you live, our individualized and specialized aftercare program is designed to keep you sober after you leave us. We keep in touch with our clients living all over North America, tracking their progress and providing the support they need to avoid temptation. Read more.
  • Discretion: If you would like to keep your addiction problems to yourself, we understand. All our clients enjoy the utmost discretion from our staff. Our remote, Canadian location also facilitates discreet rehab care.
  • Competitive pricing: Whether you choose to pay via insurance or out of your own pocket, you will find that Heritage Treatment Foundation offers the care and comfort of the leading U.S. drug and alcohol residential treatment facilities but at a fraction of the cost. How do we do it? As a quality residential addiction facility located in Canada, we receive government subsidies. U.S. residents can now enjoy even more savings because a recent drop in the value of the Canadian dollar versus the U.S. dollar makes our prices even more competitive. Check the current value of the American dollar against the Canadian dollar here.

U.S. Insurance Giants Must Give Clients More Choice for Rehab

After a year of battling with New York’s Attorney General Mario Cuomo, insurance giant UnitedHealth Group has agreed to revamp its system of determining how much to pay for drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation services. As part of the settlement, UnitedHealth Group will appoint and independent University to determine “reasonable and customary” rates for medical services, including treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. The fee databases created will be used by the entire U.S. insurance industry. Individuals will then be able to select the quality rehabilitation facility that best suits them and be reimbursed up to a maximum of the “reasonable and customary” rate determined in the database. Read the New York Times article on this topic.

Remember, as a Canadian residential rehab facility, Heritage Treatment Foundation offers far more bang for your buck than similar residential rehab facilities located in the U.S. How do we do it?

Airports Near Heritage Treatment Foundation Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center

If you prefer to fly directly into Canada, we recommend Montréal-Trudeau Airport. Remember, wherever you come in from, we will pick you up and take you over the border.

Train Stations near Heritage Treatment Foundation Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center

Amtrak has stops in the following nearby U.S. locations:

  • Plattsburgh, NY (PLB)
  • Port Kent, NY (PRK)
  • St. Albans, VT (SAB)
  • Burlington - Essex Junction, VT (ESX)

Amtrak can also take you directly into Canada to Montreal’s Central Station (Gare Centrale). Visit the Amtrak’s website for rates and schedules. Remember, wherever you come in from, we will pick you up and take you over the border.

A Flexible Approach to Addiction Recovery

We offer a range of both traditional and alternative approaches to drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Our treatments focus on improving human relations and addressing behavioral and emotional difficulties. They specifically target the beliefs and behaviors that can lead people to alcohol and drug abuse. But that’s not all. Our philosophy is that recovery requires healing of the mind, body, and spirit, so alternative healing, exercise, and good diet all play a role in our addiction recovery program. With all the therapies at our disposal, together we can design a recovery program that is right for you. Learn more about our wide range of treatment approaches.

Aftercare Program for Addiction Recovery

Every client who completes drug and alcohol addiction treatment with us will receive both an exit plan and post-treatment plan. That means we will help you feel ready to face the world, providing you with the tools you need to be successful without drugs or alcohol. If necessary, we will hook you up with support services in your area. We will also develop a plan that keeps you in touch with us so we can keep tabs on your progress and provide you with the support you need to stay clean.

For those who need it, our aftercare program offers ongoing individual and group therapy sessions conducted by telephone, referrals to local therapists, liaison with existing therapists, and networking opportunities among the clients and staff of Heritage Treatment Foundation via online social networking sites. Technology such as the Internet and cellular phones has a demonstrated ability to help individuals with addiction problems. Read more.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to receive the support you need, when you need it. Learn more about our aftercare program.

Evidence-Based Approach to Treating Addiction

At Heritage Treatment Foundation, we use the state-of-the art treatment techniques that scientific research indicates offer the best odds of long-term recovery from addiction. The foundation of our therapy is psychotherapy, including both cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic therapy. CBT is a cornerstone of rehab therapy worldwide. It is designed to identify and modify behaviors and beliefs associated with addiction. Psychodynamic therapy helps clients identify and understand the origins of these unhealthy behaviors and beliefs.

But we also provide care beyond these core strategies. Clients who need them can also benefit from family interventions, restorative justice sessions, massage, exercise, nutritional therapy, and several other therapeutic services. At Heritage Treatment Foundation, we are dedicated to offering you the best available holistic care. In that light, we make it a priority to remain up-to-date on the latest addiction research in order to offer the best available state-of-the art treatments.

Specialized Programs at Heritage Treatment Foundation

As part of our specialized programs, we offer each client a unique combination of both traditional and alternative treatments.

Traditional treatments include:

Psycho-educational therapy: This type of therapy helps you understand your emotional and behavioral difficulties. It can help you gain control of undesirable behaviors, such as getting high. Over time, behavior occurs less often and is usually less severe in intensity and duration.

Psycho-educational techniques are also used to assist individuals and their families to understand the harmful results of substance abuse and to help them help themselves and their loved ones. This mutual understanding assists families in building supportive relationships, developing empathy, and finding healthy ways of coping with substance abuse.

Behavioral Therapy: This therapeutic method focuses on modifying or "unlearning" an unhealthy behavior, such as drug abuse, without considering any of the underlying causes. This is achieved by applying basic learning techniques, for example, finding effective and immediate ways of responding to triggers and chemical urges.

Cognitive Therapy: This psychotherapeutic approach focuses on changing your inaccurate beliefs. With a therapist, you explore how emotional problems can be the result of faulty ways of thinking and distorted attitudes towards yourself and others. The therapist then helps you correct and revise this negative thinking by examining the positive and negative results of behaviors and beliefs. For instance, cognitive therapy for a gambler might involve challenging your perceived odds of winning or ability to control the outcome.

Psychodynamic Therapy: This treatment helps you trace unhealthy behaviors to their origins to help you understand underlying and often unconscious forces that mold your personality, influence your attitudes, and produce emotional disorder. Once you have learned effective coping skills, you may want to understand the underlining causes of addiction as a means of resolving trauma, improving self-esteem, developing healthy relationships, and lessening the risk of relapse.

Alternative treatments include:

Human Relations (applied psychology): This therapy helps you explore intrapersonal reflection, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, facilitation, and trauma. This participatory process is designed to combine practical training with theoretical knowledge. You can, for example, learn strategies for resolving conflict and use this new found knowledge in role-play scenarios, modules, and real life examples. This approach reinforces learning and provides opportunity to develop skills in using these techniques.

Creative Arts Therapies: This integrates drama, theater, art, music, and other creative modalities with psychotherapeutic approaches to treatment. Specific techniques like psychodrama, sociodrama, puppetry, masks, role playing, and role training can help you discover new ways of changing old dysfunctional patterns of behavior as well as develop personal and emotional growth, ego development, catharsis, enhanced social skills, and a healthier quality of life.

Traditional Native Healing: This is based on cultural beliefs from the North American aboriginal people of Turtle Island (North America). The healing ceremonies are lead by a native elder and include:

  • Healing Circle: This is one of the most powerful native ceremonies. It brings people together through sharing and support. Many times a healing circle is followed by a sweat lodge to help in the healing.
  • Sweat Lodge: This experience reconnects us to the Mother Earth and to ourselves in a very safe and loving environment. The lodge is used for healing in all native cultures. It is a very sacred ceremony.

Amenities at Heritage Treatment Foundation

Cuisine: At Heritage we provide you with wholesome and hearty meals based on Quebecois cuisine. You will enjoy produce supplied by local farmers and merchants. Wholesome meals satisfy the body component of holistic healing. Often during the cycle of addiction people are not eating properly throughout the day, so when you come to Heritage, you will appreciate and enjoy the variety of food provided. When you arrive, we will assess your dietary requirements. If you are diabetic, allergic to certain foods, or have dietary restrictions due to their religious beliefs, we accommodate their needs.

Lodging: At Heritage we are pleased to offer you your own private room with bath. We understand that the therapeutic process can be emotionally, physically, and spiritually draining, so we provide a place where you can regenerate in privacy. Our rooms are spacious, clean, and comfortable. We also provide maid service to enable you to focus on more important things than cleaning.

Spa Treatments: Heritage offers spa treatments that not only help restore peaceful energy, but helps rid the body of harmful toxins. The following is a list of spa treatments we offer:

  • Facial & Scalp Massage
  • Ion Cleansing
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu
  • Swedish Massage

Therapeutic Recreation: Research indicates that your ability to enjoy life in healthy and fun ways increases quality of life and limits risk of relapse. That is why we include therapeutic recreation into our holistic program. Depending on the season, we offer a variety of recreational activities that include but are not limited to:

  • Sports: Biking, Kayaking, Riding, Skating, Skiing, Swimming
  • Outings: Apple Orchard, Bird Sanctuary, Bowling, Dairy Farm, Maple Sugar Shack, Tour of Montreal

Gym: We provide the physical component of holistic healing through on-site use of our gym. We have a trained health and fitness staff member who will guide you back to cardiovascular and strength training health. Available equipment includes a treadmill, cycle, free weights, and weight station.

Aftercare Program

We prepare you for the future with:

An Exit Plan: When you are ready to leave us, we want you to be prepared for a fresh new beginning. We want you to feel confident and primed for the outside world. Our exit plan is tailored to your individual needs – showing you the appropriate tools necessary to face the future ahead. For example, we can help you design a résumé that will raise your chances of acquiring the job you want; we can help you figure out your talents and help you choose the right career path; we can surely help you investigate the proper schools to attend; or, where to live.

Our intent is for you to feel safe to leave our Drug Rehab Center. Maybe we can find a sober living environment or half-way house to help you with the transition; or, help with the move back to your family home. It is up to you to decide. Our goal is yours.

A Post-Treatment Plan: Our job doesn’t end when your time with us does. We would like you to keep in touch. After you leave us, we encourage you to keep us updated about your progress back home and whether all is going as planned. We also encourage you to call us in desperate times of need. Even from a distance, we still care. Sometimes talking to a familiar voice that has gotten to know you well can make all the difference between sobriety and plunging back into darkness.

“Even from a distance, we still care.”

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